Artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0/IoT

Bitkom has published a recent survey conducted by Bitkom Research on the use of artificial intelligence in German industrial enterprises. According to the survey 12 percent of German industrial enterprises are already using artificial intelligence in the context of Industry 4.0.


49 percent of companies interviewed expect that machine learning, allowing for an exchange of data from different sources, error prediction and problem solving in the context of Industry 4.0 will profoundly change existing business models. Artificial intelligence in smart factories is expected to improve scalability and reduce costs especially for personnel, maintenance, inspection and development.


With regards to connectivity in general more than half of the companies surveyed are using special applications for Industry 4.0 and 21 percent are planning to do so. On average approx. one quarter of all machines in the German manufacturing industry are already linked to the internet. See all survey results in Bitkom’s April 1, 2019 press release.


Post by S. Legtmann