DealRoom and ICFN-Member Elit Capital announce strategic partnership to address the pain-points of M&A professionals and outdated technology

DealRoom is an industry leading virtual data room software, as well as the only solution that combines file sharing with project management for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) due diligence. Elit Capital is an independent firm, specialized in financial and strategic advisory for corporate transactions, M&A, complex divestments and cross border deals, focused on maximizing clients shareholders value and a member of ICFN.


The strategic partnership between DealRoom and Elit Capital will leverage an unparalleled level of capability and global reach to offer corporate M&A solutions which ensure a 40% faster due diligence process along with analytics that track buyer behavior.


Through this partnership, the companies will collaborate closely on product development and broad customer engagement in order to further educate the industry on agile M&A and its benefits. Agile M&A enables an iterative process that focuses on client needs first, puts team interaction over tasks, and adapts to the current project state instead of following an inflexible plan.


Speaking about the partnership, Daniel Rivera, Elit Capital’s CEO, said: “A key part of Elit Capital’s strategy is growth within mergers and acquisitions. This partnership with DealRoom further enhances the skills and capabilities to accelerate our ambitions in this sector.”


Kison Patel, CEO of DealRoom added: “DealRoom has always been an innovative and customer-centric company, so we are pleased share our software as a value add. The capability fit between our two companies is very clear. Beyond that, we are excited about this opportunity because we share a common belief in efficiency for our customer. Our complementary capabilities and shared values make me confident that this partnership will flourish.”


Post by D. Rivera