This week, ANTOLING GROUP, the industrial group based in Burgos, northern Spain, has announced an increase of 50% in the turnover during 2016 (5.215 million€), with an investment of 380 million€, mainly focused on new green-fields in USA and China.


CIE AUTOMOTIVE, the Basque Group, also increased the sales a 9% (2.879 million€), with an EBITDA of 407 million€ (+11%), while executing several acquisitions in USA (NEWCOR), India (BILL FORGE) or Spain (AMAYA TELLERIA).

And GESTAMP, the third big player, plans a 3.900 million€ listing, while announcing 7.549 million€ in sales in 2016.


These three TIER-1 and 2 global manufacturers are the best example of an industry (Spain is the eighth car manufacturer in the world) that has adapted to the requirements of the OEMS, and that at the same time has increased the efficiency and profitability.


In fact, the Spanish Automotive Sector turnover represents 10% of GDP and 19% of the total national exports. There are 9 multinational brands and 17 manufacturing plants all over the territory.


And the auto-parts industry, with 720 groups and added turnover of 30.000 million€, are one of the key factors for the success of the automotive industry in Spain.