Attractive opportunities in the Indian automotive market

By 2020 approx. 73% of vehicles produced worldwide are expected to be sold in emerging markets, with Asia-Pacific and South America accounting for 55% and 10% of this total respectively. The number of new car registrations in the Indian market is expected to exceed new registrations in Europe by 2020.

Given this growth scenario and due to

  • tougher rules and regulations for CO2 emissions, fuel efficiency and safety standards based on EU and US standards
  • increasing importance of high quality standards in components and systems to Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs
  • increasing importance of auto electronics as well as
  • incentive schemes for electric and hybrid vehicles

UC Capital sees attractive opportunities for European companies/SMEs in the Indian market.

Thanks to their existing technology, know-how and advanced solutions they are seen as well positioned to enter this market and to consider establishing alliances and partnerships with well-established local players. More here.