Challenges of Switching to SaaS Business Models

Software companies are increasingly faced with a trend towards SaaS business models. Switching traditional, licence-based revenue models to recurring revenues business models has a considerable impact on R&D, company organisation and finances.


SAXO Equity and Main Capital’s joint event in Munich/Germany targeted specifically at owners and managers of IT/software companies provides information and opportunity for Q&A on:

  • Which parts of the company see the strongest impact of a change to SaaS models?
  • What needs to be adapted in the company organization?
  • How does a switch to recurring revenues affect revenues/P&L, balance sheet and cash flow?
  • How to value a company switching to a SaaS business model
  • Lessons learned from companies having successfully switched to SaaS

Sven van Berge Henegouwen and Charly Zwemstra, Main Capital also share their experiences from their own portfolio companies.